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D250SA CTEK Smart DC/DC 20Amp Charger + MPPT

D250SA CTEK Smart DC/DC 20Amp Charger + MPPT

CTEK D250SA 20A DC/DC Battery Charger

The CTEK D250SA is designed to take power from smart alternators and other DC sources. The dual input allows it draw power from solar and wind sources as well.
The D250SA can charge lead acid batteries up to 300Ah as well as AGM, EFB, Gel, Ca/Ca and more. It can supply these batteries with up to 20A of power to charge and maintain them.

Fast charging from the alternator

Automatic energy management

Selectable mode for AGM batteries

Solar Panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT)

Environmentally friendly charging with wind or solar

CTEK are a high quality manufacturer with a reputation for making reliable, robust and high performance products.

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D250SA CTEK Smart DC/DC 20Amp Charger + MPPT

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Width 110mm x Length 192mm x Height 85mm

Approx Weight

4 kg

Other Specifications

Voltage: 12

Ah: 20


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£229.99 incl. VAT