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SBSB14F Enersys Powersafe Battery 12v 61ah

SBSB14F Enersys Powersafe Battery 12v 61ah

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A superior range of valve regulated batteries, with an impressive extended service life, high energy density and shelf life. Manufactured in a range of compact configurations using pure lead technology, the SBS range offers design flexibility where space is at a premium.
A dedicated battery room is not required, as SBS can operate in cabinets at the point of use. Advanced plate technology allows SBS batteries to function in the harshest of environments.
Front Entry Terminal

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SBSB14F Enersys Powersafe Battery 12v 61ah

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Width 97mm x Length 303mm x Height 264mm

Approx Weight

19.1 kg

Other Specifications

Voltage: 12

Ah: 61

Terminal Layout


Cable TV
Electric Utility/Switchgear

£212.50 incl. VAT