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Sonnenschein GF12033YG2 Motive Power Block

Sonnenschein GF12033YG2 Motive Power Block

The GF-Y range is a heavy duty battery range designed for the Leisure and Mobility Market applications.
Using gas recombination gel technology developed and refined over many years Sonnenschein Dryfit batteries are ideal for continuous float charge and deep cycling applications. They are used marine and general recreational applications such as caravanning. Their robust design gives them a substantially longer deep cycle life than conventional engine starting batteries. Used with the correct charging equipment these batteries can have a considerable life

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Sonnenschein GF12033YG2 Motive Power Block

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Width 175mm x Length 210mm x Height 175mm

Approx Weight

14.6 kg

Other Specifications

Voltage: 12

Ah: 38

Terminal Layout


Leisure, Mobilitiy including electric boats, golf carts, wheelchair and scooters.

£100.73 incl. VAT