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Q. Where is my invoice/guarantee?

A. Your invoice will accompany your delivery, this is your proof of purchase and your warranty, so please ensure it is kept in a safe place.

Q. I don’t understand Ah ratings on your battery descriptions

A. The Ampere-hour (Ah) rating defines the capacity of a Battery.  A typical battery that is rated at 10Ah at the 10 hour rate of discharge is capable of delivering 10A for 10 Hours before the terminal voltage drops to a standard value such as 1.67volts per cell, or 10.02 volts for a 12V battery.  Similarly, a 50Ah battery would supply a 5A load for 10 hours.

Q. What’s does CCA mean on your battery descriptions?

A.  CCA stands for Cold Cranking Amps, which is a measure of the starting performance of your battery, it generally means the higher the CCA, the easier it is to start the vehicle.  In Europe the CCA is measured in EN (the European Standard).

Q. My Battery has a label stating “Please ensure Bungs are removed before Use” – What does this message mean?

A.  The Bungs referred to in this message are the small bungs inserted into the openings on the battery for transportation and delivery only.  They need to be permenantly removed before the battery is charged and used.  Remove these bungs from the battery IMMEDIATELY upon receipt even if you are not planning to use the battery straight away.

Q. Do your prices include VAT?

A. Yes all our prices are inclusive of VAT

Q. How much will my product cost to deliver?

A. This will depend upon how many items you are buying and where you live. Within Check-Out you will have the opportunity to put in your delivery postcode and select the postal service you require.